A portrait of Zinnia Su-Jao Hsu

From her early years engaged in the arts of costume, flowery and pottery towards later being a columnist, an environmental activist and a theme coffeehouse holder, Zinnia Hsu still continues her journey. One role she can never dismiss is being a housewife; one thing she can never disregard is the art of leather craft. What supports her through the time is the enthusiasm to free the outlook of women in Taiwan, particularly the housewives.

Due to a long-term exploration in several kinds of crafts, she has established a concrete foundation and an extraordinary creativity for leather craft. Numerous pupils have been under her instruction since she has involved in this specific field for more than 40 years. Her work is yet often rewarded prizes in local and overseas exhibitions and owns a fine reputation. In recent years she has been even invited from abroad to give lectures and demonstrations, and to publish articles as well. She actively participates in international events to communicate with other leather artists, constantly working on "to promote leather craft into leather art."

She insistently carries on the idea of " life-term after-teaching" to share with her pupils in a posture as a friend. She is even proud of her pupils' achievements higher than her own. As an omni-bearing leather worker she harmonizes tradition and modernism in one. After meeting another life turning point, she expects to create a more liberal space for the art of leather craft. In her life track, she is a runner in a competition with her own.

Curriculum Vitae