Ever a traveler

There must be a trace behind my each step. I think sentimentally of each detail in my travel, which has enriched my creative thinking.

1977 [Sep.] Korea, Japan

1980 [Sep.] Japan

1988 [Jan.] Hong Kong

1989 [Nov.] Japan

   [Dec.] The United States, Mexico

1990 [Aug.] Japan

1993 [April] Japan

1994 [Jan.] China

   [April] Japan

   [June] Singapore

1995 [April] Japan

   [June] The United States

1996 [June] Japan

    [July] Japan

1997 [July] Japan

1998 [June] Australia

    [July] Japan

1999 [Jan.] The United States

    [July] Japan

    [Sep.] New Zealand

    [Oct.] Singapore

2000 [April] Germany, Holland, England

    [July] Australia

2001 [March] Japan

    [June] Australia

2002 [April] New Zealand

    [June] Japan

2003 [April] Germany, Netherlands

    [June] Australia

    [Aug.] Japan

2005 [April] Hong Kong

    [June] Australia

2006 [April] New Zealand

2011 [Sep.] Amoy

2012 [May] Japan

2014 [Oct.] Japan

2017 [Nov.] Japan