One-day leather workshop

To call the one-day leather workshop a “playing leather class”, no other than I hope to satisfy pupils’ want of non-pressure and self-accomplishment. All participants are required with neither any background nor any tools. As easy as attending to a romantic dinner date and going back home fully contented.

Varied Pouch - Crochet technique
Size: H 10cm × W 7.5cm × D 1cm

With a full possibility of variable forms and rich color, this little thing can attract everybody's fondness.

Recycling the leather scraps and working with cotton threads and crochet hooks, all kinds of pouches can be created by you quickly.

A simple skill brings maker's ideas into a full play.

Handmade Notebook - simple batik
Size: H 14cm × W 11cm × D 2cm

Handy, simple, in a style of minimalism yet very colorful.

It is the thing you want for your private accessory, beautiful and practical.

In this workshop, you learn how to borrow the daily objects to create a rapid, easy, diverse and fun batik.

Also to understand the ring binder fixing technique , plus hand sewing and others.

Batik Coin Purse
Size: H 8cm × W 8cm × D 2.5cm

Handsome yet very practical, this little leather purse
suits all ages and is unisex. Through its making
process to learn batik technique, surface and edge
treatment, binding skill, hand stitching, installation
of dot snap and etc. An easy and fun one-day course brings you into a diversified world of leather craft.

Tie-dyeing Glasses Case
Size: H 7cm × W 15.5cm × D 3.5cm

Beautiful and functional, this glasses case is even free from pressure.
Through the making process you learn the techniques of tie-dyeing, paper molding, binding and etc. A simple and interesting course increases
you more self-confidence and self-accomplishment.

Camellia Series
Size a: H 8.5cm × W8.5 cm × D3 cm
Size b: H7 cm × W7 cm × D2.5 cm
Size c: H 4cm × W4 cm × D2 cm


This colorful and gorgeous floral brooch can be versatile as bracelet, necklace, ring or others. Applied with roast technique to create the delicate curves and combining with binding skill. Vivid camellias make your fashion more colorful and make you feel attached to them.

Wine Carrier

Size: H 39cm × W 10cm × D 10cm

Appropriately either for private use or gift, this wine holder
is also an ideal carrier to hang conveniently on car, scooter
or bike. It can be also easily hung with your backpack while
going hiking or picnic. This uncomplicated and amusing
one-day course shows you the leather knowledge of
entry-level dyeing, surface and edge treatment, braiding and
various hand stitching.


Paper-dyeing Coin Purse
Size: H 9cm × W 7cm × D 1.5cm

Handy and functional, this multi-purpose coin purse
fits everyone. It also works as a mobile phone case,
a penholder or others if by modifying its size. Through
the making process to learn the techniques of rice-paper
dyeing, surface and edge treatment, leather binding,
hand stitching, wood molding and more. This easy and
entertaining one-day course enriches your acquaintance
with leather craft.