Two-day Leather Workshop

Tray & Coaster- Simple devices
Size: Tray H20cm W 28cm D 0.8cm
Size: Coaster H9cm W 9cm D 0.5cm
Using the second layer of the vegetable tanned leather to reach the purpose of anti-slip and heat insulation. This environmental friendly and functional utensil is suitable for self-use or gifts. Work with simple material and tools yet have unlimited space of originality. Low budget and high benefit, a must-go course for professional makers.

Credit card wallet - Simple Batik
Size: H 10cm W 7.5cm D 1cm
Handy, simple, in a style of minimalism yet very colorful.
It is the thing you want for your private accessory, beautiful and practical.
If you enlarge its size, you can turn it into a check holder or a paper bill holder.
In this workshop, you learn how to borrow the daily objects to create a rapid, easy, diverse and fun batik. Also to understand the layering and folding technique of wallet, plus hand sewing and others.
A two-day course plays with color freely and invites anyone to join the fun.

Modern Folklore Bag - Molding dyeing
Size: H 50cm W 18cm D 3cm
A modern folklore style accessory for females, not only handsome but also handy.
Through the making process, you learn how to make moulds, to dye with acrylic paint in an alternative way, to produce sample products, to sew by hand, to install handles, bead, buttons, and etc.
A solid and interesting 2-day course for you to experience more new leather crafts.

Business card Case
Size: H 10cm W 6.5cm D 1.5cm
The design of this little leather case is use suits all generations and unisex. Not only for Business card but also for Playing card and cosmetics papers, etc.
To learn the Marble dyeing and masking skill through its making process. Also to learn the application of treatment on leather back and edge and the techniques of leather laminating, angled hand stitching, Rapid Rivet fixing, etc.
An easy and fun one-day course brings you into a pluralistic art of leather crafts.

Waist-Bag & Coin Purse Set 3 pieces

Size: Waist-Bag H16cmW16.5cmD5.5cm
@@ Coin Purse A H6cmW11.5cmD4cm
@@ Coin Purse B H5cmW7.5cmD3cm

Handsome, practical, suitable to all ages, men and women alike.
Through the application of learning the technique of cotton ball dyeing, treatment on leather back and edge, the techniques of leather laminating, hand stitching, sewing snap fasteners, etc.

An easy and fun 2- day course brings you into a diversify art leather crafts.


Stationery Container
Size: H14cmW19cmD7.5cm


A desk stationery container, combine brush cane
and scratch paper box in one.

Through the produce process to understand the
concept of assemble box.
Especially to learn how to assemble in different
angles, and learn the skill of cotton ball scratch
dye, skiving knife handling, Leather laminating,
hand stitching and more techniques.

Zinnia will assist you in your artistic creation skill,
is a challenging course.

Multi-Function Leather Container
Size: H 18cm W 16cm D 5.5cm


Leather made container functions a letter holder,
or penholder, memo case, flower vase, wall hung-up
decor and more. Learning the concepts through
making, molding leather, dying with soft wax,
skiving knife handling, leather laminating, hand
stitching and more techniques.
A stylish teaching by Zinnia Hsu will introduce
you more interesting diversities of leathercrafts skills.

Colored Leather Picture Frame
Size: H 17cm W 25cm D 5cm


This leatherwork embodies a picture frame and a
memo board in one.
It does not only practically function well but highly
decorative as well.
Learning the concepts through making, setting up
dimensions, rubbing dying with cotton balls, skiving
knife handling, leather laminating, hand stitching
and more techniques.