Victory news from the South and the North
Zinnia Su-Jao Hsu, written in October 1999
Translated by: Shun-Ying Lu

  One hundred and nineteen hours after the 921 Earthquake, I was on board in Singapore Airline with sentiments to fly towards the South once again. For a promise, to lecture a workshop for ”Last of The Century Leather Conference”.

  You didn’t see any chaotic phenomenon in the end of the century occurred here, a clean, peaceful and rich land. The enthusiasm, sincerity and humor of KIWI comforted me, a Taiwanese from far after the shake. How blissful it was! Different racial leather lovers from worldwide could get together for learning, challenging each other, and having fun. I couldn’t express in words how much I appreciate the conference and the new and old friends, but only cherish and work more with gratitude. Especially the fellows from my multi-function box workshop, their support and learning earnestness has deeply rooted in my memory. I have gained from them more than I have given.

In the meanwhile of the conference in New Zealand, ”1999 International Federation of Leather Guild’s Show” was actively happening in Denver, Colorado, USA. Without the kind efforts from Mr. Rene Berends the chairman of LEDER-GILDE in Germany, and Mrs. Joanne Fink the secretary of Columbine Leather Guild in the States, I wouldn’t be able to assist the Taiwanese members’ entering for the competition. Though the process was rather difficult, luckily the result was marvelous. Especially Mr. Twan An-Kuo has won several prizes alone that made the whole conference sit up and take notice.

  All at once, the glory of Taiwan was glaring in the night skies of the South and the North together. Such a beautiful achievement encourages me to proceed to the future of leather art and to look forward to the reunion somewhere in the world!