Rainbow Lee ----- Our friend
Zinnia Hsu written in early June 2005
 In 1993 I met Rainbow the first time, in a B&B in Tokyo, kinky hair, loud, self-centered and a shopping maniac ....., not very positive impressions. I kept her at a distance but that gave her an image of my being arrogant. All her personal style did not have a good explanation, until I realized that she was a long term diabetes patient, her husband's passing was an unexpected shock for her, her little daughter has been years ill in a nursing house .... and other factors. I started to learn that she was an optimistic, generous, enthusiastic and creative woman.

 Life is amusing, leathercraft seemed to be the cause why later we were often the companions in our field trips to Japan, Europe, New Zealand, Australia .... In our travels though sometimes her stubbornness could put me in a half-exhaustion, I really miss gratefully all the unforgettable memory with her.

 Time past year by year, her sickness was not improved at all but only going worse with her insistence of "alternative remedy". Rainbow, her life was like her name, colorful but not long lasting. Though she could no longer create leatherwork by the motor from her suffering, I truly believe that she is now in peace in another world.

 In the past few years we have been losing outstanding artists in the field of leathercraft that is something very helpless and lamentable. I do think that we shall be more united, more supportive to each other. No matter where you are, do each best and strive towards a further goal.