A paragraph of 2005
written by Zinnia Hsu in August 2005
 Each travel writes a new paragraph in my life experiences. God seems like to test my contingency reaction and my fortune index at the right moment, in order to brighten my traveling remembrances. I never disobey him and always accept my tests with pleasure, because I believe that God treats me fair and an angel is always sent by him without delay to help me out.

 Like the conference this year was as if I have performed a humor. I lost my voice after the first day workshop and it was not recovered till the last day. First time in my life I taught with an extremely gentle voice and minimal words. Uh?. It was the opposite of my image of "talk too much". Thanks God, I got the most intelligent pupils to prove the result of my new tutoring and the pictures testify too! Then I start to think maybe for next workshop I should teach in a mime style .......ho.......

 If we are born to learn, then these years I have learned: an easy-grateful mind moves time more enjoyably; a dynamic-sharing action frees self from worries; anytime, anywhere to create a magnetic field of happiness will reward you unmeasurable fortune... The purified acquaintance tastes mellower and milder. The day Cherryl put the tutor's certificate on my hand, a thin piece of paper feels a load of responsibility in my heart. Recently great leather artists withered away it makes us really feel sorry and helpless.

 I am glad of the efforts from all, which allow us to see more new faces in this year's conference, Clinton, Sean, David, Larissa, Christine,....., plus the future star Chloe whom we've recognized last year. Their brilliant performances show me the spring of leather art, I also think this is what Robb Barr, Helen Huxley,... and other predecessors wished to see the most. I am ready to keep up my post in this big community; unhesitatingly to offer all I can to carry on the enthusiasm and the craft of leather art. I heartily invite each worldwide member to weave our net together. Sometimes simply a thought may convert the life of yours or others. As long as we are more connected and more encouraged, regardless where you are the great passion net of leather art will always connect you with each other.