2006 in Hamilton
Zinnia written in late spring
Translated by: Shun-Ying Lu
 Since I promised Association of New Zealand Leather Artisans to go to Hamilton again for giving a workshop, while my heart being filled with expectation I was somewhat concerned about the coming of the 11th of April. Because the two former trips to New Zealand, both were accidentally happened seven days after the earthquakes of 921 and 331. Therefore I was afraid that in the 11th of April the Earth would be also shaking a few times. My dangling heart was not released until the 11th of April was cautiously past by.

 Robert from Brisbane, Lisa from Sydney, Joyce from Melbourne, Yen and I flew via Hong Kong; we all arranged to meet in Auckland Airport, and then transferred a minibus organized in advance by Sue to The Conference site. Out of the airport, a shower a short while ago cleaned up the view extra fresh behind car windows. Yet a rainbow hanging not too far in the sky, as it was a joyous invitation to us.

 Each time I feel wonderful to arrive in New Zealand, like a wander child coming back to her native land after long. Though there is no very familiar scenery, this family-like warm reception makes me almost too comfortable to behave myself. Possibly if indeed I was a Kiwi in my previous life?

 Beauty-ease-grace-neat is the most appropriate description for "Leather Unlimited Conference NZ 2006" this year. Since it is small, it enables all the participants to have more abundance of time for a more complete communication. Leather lovers from everywhere would lay their work aside temporarily, devote their time and money and come from afar regardless. Nothing but for this rare moment. Enjoy the deep flavor from reuniting with old friends and the pleasure of acquaintance with new friends as well. I cherish and appreciate that The Conference gives us again this opportunity of sharing each other's skills. Our most genuine respect and gratitude to the conference committees.

 To all the entries, thank for allowing me! To enter this competition was originally simply an idea of compelling myself to create more work, and also a hope of making each activity from The Conference more active. Surprisingly I could obtain several honors. In spite of being labeled as a member from the blacklist of competition, I do feel extraordinarily happy。 I invite all of you from all over to start right now! Year of 2010 will come rather soon, looking forward to meeting all of you again, playing with leather, showing each other's skills, talking about each other's work, and etc.......