From encounter, affinity to eternity - Celebration for the 30th anniversary of ANZL
Zinnia Hsu
written in June 2012 from the north globe, Taiwan
Translated by Shun-Ying Lu
Back to the year of 1998, since the moment I encountered Peter and Judy Denham in Brisbane, the affinity of my continuous participation in the workshops and exhibitions in ANZL has been bound. All of a sudden it has been 14 years, almost the half of the age of the Association. Although our meetings didn’t happen often, the picture of each beautiful meeting often clearly appeared in my mind. Each detail was a drop to ripple my sweet memories. The compassion of KIWI is just like a perfectly round pearl with shinning subtlety, sustainable gracefulness and beautiful value.

I am sending my wholehearted blessing right before the 30th anniversary of ANZL. Wish ANZL a long-lasting, active and progressive organization for eternity! Wish all the members peace and joy!